Spencer’s Guide to Maintaining Your Car’s Battery Life

It’s easy to take our car batteries for granted – until the day your vehicle refuses to start. The battery is the heart of your car’s electrical system, and its health is paramount to ensure a smooth driving experience. At Spencer’s MOT, we understand the crucial role of a car battery and have put together this guide to help you maximise its lifespan.

Understanding Your Car Battery

A car battery stores electrical energy and provides the necessary power to start your engine and fuel your car’s electronic components. Like any other component, it has a limited lifespan, which can be shortened without proper care. Conversely, with the right maintenance and attention, you can extend its life considerably.

Tips to Ensure a Healthy Battery Life

  • Regularly Check the Battery Terminals: Dirty or corroded terminals can hamper your battery’s efficiency. Regularly cleaning them with a brush and some baking soda can prevent build-up and ensure optimal connectivity.
  • Limit Short Rides: Quick drives can prevent your car’s battery from fully charging. Regular, longer drives help maintain the battery’s charge at an optimal level.
  • Turn Off All Lights When Exiting: It sounds simple, but many of us forget. Leaving lights or electronic components on when the car isn’t running is a sure way to drain your battery.
  • Ensure Your Battery is Secure: A battery that’s not fastened properly can vibrate, leading to internal damage and short circuits. Regularly check to ensure it’s secure, especially if you’ve driven through rough terrains.
  • Check the Water Level (for non-sealed batteries): Some batteries require the water level to be checked. If it’s low, fill with distilled water. Avoid overfilling and use only distilled water to prevent mineral contamination.
  • Avoid Using Electronics When Idle: Using electronics like the radio or air conditioner when the engine isn’t running can drain your battery significantly.
  • Regular Maintenance Checks: Have professionals like Spencer’s MOT technicians periodically check your battery’s health. This can help spot issues before they become significant problems.

Spotting a Dying Battery

Stay vigilant to signs like dimming headlights, a slow starting engine, or an illuminated battery dashboard light. These could indicate that your battery is on its last legs.

Maintaining your car’s battery life isn’t just about saving money on replacements; it’s about ensuring your vehicle is always ready to take you where you need to go. At Spencer’s MOT, our commitment is to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Regular check-ups, coupled with a keen understanding of your battery’s health, can lead to a more reliable, longer-lasting driving experience. Safe travels!

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