Windscreen defrosting methods could save MOT failure

windscreen defrosting could save you from MOT failure

We’ve all been guilty of using quick methods of windscreen defrosting at the expense of proper ways, which could cause MOT failure.

Concerns of windscreen defrosting quickly

Experts are warning drivers of worsening windscreen issues due to frost and falling temperatures. Many drivers are accidentally worsening their damage to the windscreen by pouring boiling water onto their frosty windscreens.

In some cases, people pour boiling water onto the car windscreen to help melt frost, ice and snow. This could actually crack or shatter the glass due to extreme temperatures.

It may be tempting to quickly thaw the windscreen with hot water. However, the rapid temperature change can cause the glass to shatter. Additionally it can also damage paintwork when the boiling water melts off protective wax and leaves a white watermark stain. Admiral found that just 68% of drivers are aware of the risks of using boiling water on their car.

A cracked windscreen which hinders your vision when driving can cause a car to fail its MOT. A common issue occurs when a small chip spreads extremely quickly into a large crack. As a result, becoming expensive when the car needs repairs.

In the cold weather, these chips can become brittle, meaning the likeliness of a chip becoming a crack increases.

Preventative action

To prevent extreme frosting of your windscreen we have a few tips. Firstly, park your car where it is undercover and protected from the elements overnight. If this isn’t possible, consider investing in a windscreen cover. This will prevent your windscreen freezing at all. Note, it doesn’t cover every window, so you will still need to de-ice the rest of your windows. We are advising drivers to use a de-icer spray and a scraper to fully clear their windscreen before driving. This will keep both themselves and others safe.


Drivers could accrue a £60 fine and obtain three points on their licence for failing to clear their windscreen. Due to this, the AA has urged motorists to always completely clear their windscreen before driving. They warn drivers they could still be vulnerable to a fine, even when “portholing”. This is when the driver only clears some of the frost from the windscreen, creating a porthole around where the driver would look out of. 

If any of these things have happened to you and your windscreen has a crack, book in for a repair now. Especially if your car needs an MOT soon. 

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