Why washing your car in winter is so important

Washing your car in winter

Are you washing your car frequently enough throughout winter? We understand how time consuming washing your vehicle can be. However, no matter how inconvenient it can be to complete a car wash in the winter, the benefits vastly outweigh the hassle.

If you’re unsure whether you’re washing frequently enough or correctly, keep reading to see the importance. It could save you a great deal of time and money in the future. 

Risks from the road

When temperatures drop and roads become icy, road salt or grit is spread across the roads by gritters. It remains on roads for days at a time, especially if it doesn’t rain. Salt is extremely corrosive to a vehicle. If salt is left on your car for too long it can eat away at your vehicle. Consequently, this can cause not just your paint to rust but also the tires, undercarriage, and hard-to-reach areas, such as your brake system to be affected. The threat of damage in the winter months is not to be taken lightly, it could even make you fail your MOT if the structure is affected. 

Preventing Damage

In winter you ideally need to wash your car every week. This will prevent road salt from affecting your vehicle. Always give the underside of your car a good rinse too as it will prevent salt corroding low parts of the engine. If a full wash isn’t on the cards for you weekly, even a rinse with a hosepipe or pressure washer will significantly wash away a lot of the damaging salt. However, don’t dry your car manually without shampooing first, as it can cause small scratches in your paintwork from the leftover salt.

Another way to add even more protection to your car this winter is by using a hard wax. If you’ve never waxed your car before, it’s not difficult. Apply a thin layer on a clean panel with a microfiber cloth, then buffing off after letting it sit. It is a great way to make sure your paintwork is protected from grit and salt. If you’re using a good quality wax, it can last upto 3 months, even with washing in between applications. Make sure to use wax remover before adding a new wax layer, as it may have salt embedded within the wax. Better to be embedded within the wax than the paint!

Interior is just as important as exterior

In the winter months, moisture can easily get trapped within your car. This leads to condensation and fogging on the inside of the windows. This can cause impaired visibility and an unsafe driving environment. To help prevent this, adding an anti-fog spray to your windscreen can stop condensation building up over night. An alternative way could be to remove all wet clothing before entering your car, or opening windows on dry days to release the cabin of some of its moisture. 

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