Tips for how to avoid summer breakdowns


We are going to look at the most common reasons for summer breakdowns and offer advice on how to prevent them.

Following are five of the most common reasons for breakdowns in the summer of 2018. We have also offered tips on how to prevent them. Following them should help you stay on track for your summer vacation.

1. Battery Issues

Batteries are a major factor in the list of summer breakdowns. However, although batteries can have a problem in winter, summer tends to be easier for them.

2. Tyres

For some vehicle drivers, the annual vacation is the longest trip they take in their car all year round.

This could soon highlight any concealed tyre problems. Cracked, worn-out rubber can fail quickly if used extensively.

Always check the tyre pressure is accurate, matching the advised PSI. This is especially important if you plan to carry heavy loads, such as a car full of luggage and people before you leave.

You will find the correct PSI standards for your car inside the door frame or the owner’s manual.

3. No Spare

The third problem on the list of summer breakdowns, whether you believe it or not, is actually the lack of a spare.

The tyre can get punctured at any time. However, as more drivers travel long distances in the summer, on a wide variety of roads, it is more likely to occur during the holidays. This especially happens when cars are heavily loaded with passengers and luggage, putting more pressure on the rubber.

For some drivers, it doesn’t seem like a problem, until they open the boot and find that their car does not have a spare tyre. Instead, they often find only a tyre repair kit. This can work if it is a small piercing, but if the tyre is torn, ripped or shredded, the tyre repair kit will no longer be of use.

To prevent this, check that your car has a spare tyre before you go.

If you become a victim of a puncture that you are unable to repair, you may need to call our tyre repair service on 0800 096 6320. They can find a suitable source to replace your damaged tyre.

4. The Clutch

Clutches take a real hit in the summer and can cause a summer breakdown.

The clutch is used more on busier roads for slow-moving vehicles, while driving on unfamiliar roads in remote areas also hurts them.

5. The Alternator

Alternators are the most expensive problem on the list.

Alternator problems are linked to battery-related issues. Excessive demand for alternators can cause the problem to increase. Dragging to connect high-power devices, combined with hot weather, will quickly highlight any weakness.

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