Six-month MOT extension made cars unsafe

Six-month MOT extension made cars unsafe

The government initiated the six-month MOT extension at the start of the coronavirus epidemic in March 2020. It pushed back critical repair work as customers did not send their cars for repairs.

A MOT managing director said that garages were surprised by how some customers damaged their cars during the extension. According to the director, most motorists decide to get their car service and MOT at the same time. This has caused numerous problems. reported that he said most garages don’t touch or see these vehicles until the MOT.

Generally, motorists want their car service and MOT done in one shop, to save their time and most importantly their money.

The expansion caused the postponement of over 4.2 million MOT tests. That is according to data from BookMygarage.

It caused a third of drivers to delay servicing their car last year, due to limited mileages and strained finances.

Nevertheless, experts have also cautioned that vehicles used for short trips should receive regular basic maintenance.

Drivers who have delayed getting their cars serviced or repaired are being urged to book in for work soon, as the lockdown restrictions are easing.

No MOT – a problem as lockdown ends

The co-founder of BookMyGarage, Karen Rotberg, spoke in March. He said that numerous drivers stopped getting garages to service or repair their cars.

This has presented no problem in recent months as millions of people have used their cars only for short and essential trips.

Nevertheless, with the easing of lockdown restrictions, now is the time to catch up on any missed service and maintenance.

Mr. Barbieri, while talking to, warned that the MOT chaos could go on for three more years.

According to him, the six-month extension has pushed back all MOT tests to September and February, creating massive demand for the winter.

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