MOT mistakes that get you fined or banned

MOT Mistakes that get you fined or banned

A new study from GoCompare Car Insurance shows that millions of road users are confused about how MOT works.

Drivers with vehicles older than 3 year old should test their vehicles every year. This is to ensure they are roadworthy and safe to drive. This year, 2.3 million cars are due their first test. The study reveals widespread confusion among drivers.

MOT Study Results

Surprisingly, 44% of those interviewed were unaware that an outdated test would jeopardise their car insurance.

About 6% of drivers confessed that they do not understand the process. 8% feel confused about the guff surrounding the categories of failures and passes.

7% said they did not understand what an advisory repair meant. 8% did not know the difference between ‘small’, ‘big’ and ‘dangerous’ faults.

The survey also found that 26% of drivers thought that the test guarantees that their car will be safe to drive in the next 12 months. 6% mistakenly believed that garages have a percentage of cars that need to fail.

Drivers feel confused about the results of a car that fails its test. This is often the case when the testing is done before the expiration of an existing certificate. 16% of drivers believe that they are still able to drive their car under an old certificate.

Vehicles inspections can be up to a month before the end of their old test. Especially when keeping the date of its anniversary under the old certificate.

If the vehicle fails by a ‘dangerous’ error, it is no longer valid. Fines for a fault-carrying vehicle carry a fine of £2,500, a driving ban, and three points.

If the failure of the test is a ‘major’ error and the old car is still valid, it can still be driven.

However when you fail the test it means the car is faulty and not fit to be on the road. As a result, the driver can be prosecuted.

9% of drivers think they continue to have insurance if their car isn’t valid. In this case drivers can face fines for driving without insurance as well as fines of at least £ 300 and 6 penalty points.

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