Looking after your car during the lockdown

Motoring COVID-19

While your car is stood on the driveway there are a number of things you can do to keep it at its best. Here at Spencer’s MOT and Service Centre we have some tips for you.

Preventing brakes from locking on

If your handbrake is left on for long periods of time. This can cause your brake pads to get stuck to the discs or your drum which can result in trouble when you next go to drive your car. To stop this from happening you can start the car and move it back and forth slightly on a regular basis.


Keep your tyres properly inflated to the correct pressure (you should find this in your manual or on the manufacturers website). By making sure the tyres are inflated it will prevent cracking and flat spots meaning which could lead you to having to change the tyres when you do drive it again.

Clean out your car

This sounds really simple but think about all the crisp and chocolate wrappers in your car along with the biscuit crumbs if you have kids. Not only will this give you something to do it will stop the food rotting in your car leaving you with an unpleasant surprise when you get or worse attract unwarranted visitors that can damage your wiring and interior.

Wash your car

Another task that I am sure you have been meaning to do but can now be done now that you have the time. Bird poo over time can damage the paint work of your car. Get outside and wash your car and not only will it look good you will be preserving the condition of the car too.

Start the engine

To keep your battery in good condition it is a good idea to start the engine for about 15mins once a week. This will recharge the battery and for petrol cars prevent the engines from flooding with fuel. Remember to never leave your car unattended with the engine running.

Fill up the tank

This might sound contradictory if you are not about to use the car for a while but there are some benefits to a full tank. This stops condensation building in the tank which can cause corrosion and other issues.

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