How to clean the inside of your car and help our local hospital at the same time

Spencer’s MOT and Service Centre, we have commissioned a local cleaning company to provide an interior disinfectant clean for cars in aid of the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

For a small charitable donation, you are able to visit Spencer’s MOT and Service Centre on the morning of Saturday 6th June for an antibacterial clean of the inside of their car. The event, held at our premises on Rackheath Industrial Estate, will be open from 9am – 1pm and will conduct the cleans on a first come first served basis for a suggested donation of £4.  

The clean, using a fine mist known as ‘fogging’, uses antibacterial cleaner which kills 99.9% of viruses whilst not affecting the interior of the vehicle. The clean takes minutes to perform and dry and you can use your vehicle again immediately.

General dirt and grime can gather on areas in a car which everyone touches regularly. This includes steering wheels, door handles, gear sticks and hand brakes. We all wash our hands often (whilst singing Happy Birthday!) but we don’t think about the areas we touch in the car after we have visited places such as supermarkets. With more and more people being encouraged to use our cars rather than public transport, the germs on our hands which we could pick up from areas in our car are then taken into our home and potentially to our loved ones too.

Air vents can also accumulate mould and bacteria, this is on top of the threat of coronavirus. The ‘fogging’ can access all the hard to reach areas including circulating the antibacterial cleaner through your air vents too – making it generally safer for your health as well.

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