Free MOT reminder service

Free MOT reminder service

According to the DVSA, millions of motorists can be fined for missing their MOT test. This can be avoided by signing up for the free service.

Research by DVSA

DVSA warned that 15 percent of the vehicles arrived late for their MOT test in August, which rose to 28 percent by December. This was alleviated by the fact that 10 million road users were exempted in 2020. This means that their regular date went back six months.

Research has shown that every year only 45 percent of motorists remember their date by putting it on the calendar. However, the revaluation dates would change as a result of being pushed back last year.

The government urges road users to sign up for the free reminder to avoid any inconvenience and fines by DVSA. Road users receive the reminder before any other evaluation. To register, drivers simply need their registration number and email address or phone number.

There is a fine of up to £ 1000 if you continue to drive when your MOT is overdue. Driving a car in a dangerous condition can be fined £ 2,500.

Survey by The Motor Ombudsman

A new survey by The Motor Ombudsman showed that people of all age groups were already aware of MOT deadlines. Only one in ten drivers forgot about their expiry date.

More than three-quarters of road users said they would feel comfortable taking their car to the garage for their MOT.

Only 12% of the people feel uncomfortable taking their car for an MOT test.

It is very encouraging to see that the majority of the drivers were aware of their MOT expiration dates. However, people should still sign up for the reminder service to ensure that they do not forget an important date. It is inspiring to see that such an important annual evaluation remains at the top of people’s minds and diaries.

Annual MOT testing is an important part of the maintenance of the vehicle and remaining safe behind the wheels. Drivers simply cannot miss the date.

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