Around 2 million cars without valid MOT

2 million cars without valid MOT

New research by fast-fit chain Kwik Fit revealed that approximately two million vehicles may be driving illegally on UK roads. They are driving without a valid MOT.

Kwik Fit cited the figures from DVSA. It is estimated that one out of 5 vehicles (19.5 percent) that were still eligible for a six-month MOT extension during the first lockdown in 2020 are yet to be tested again.

Even the last cars with extensions now exceeded their extended expiration dates. Kwik Fit counted 1.86 million vehicles that still haven’t had a new MOT. It also added vehicles that haven’t had a valid certificate for an average of 3.4 months.

Cars are driving fewer miles than the previous year. Kwik Fit said that vehicles that have been purchased for evaluation were more likely to pass the test. The company estimated the failure rate to be 10 percent lower than in a typical year.

Cars that haven’t been tested for over a year may not be in a condition to drive on the road. Out of an estimated 1.86 million vehicles, 600,000 vehicles may fail the test.

The scheme manager at Kwik Fit believes that the extension in expiry date may be the reason that the MOT slipped from the drivers’ minds. Some owners may even think that because they aren’t using their car, it will be in the same condition. However, parts will rust or wear with some use, bulbs may fail or windscreen wipers may malfunction. 

Drivers across the UK are urged to ensure that they are driving safe and legal.

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